50mm Ratchet Tensioner for One Way Lashings

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Secure Loads Easily and Efficiently

Meet the RB5050NS, a specially designed one way lashing tensioner tailored for 50mm webbing. This tensioner ensures your one-way lashings are held tight and secure, making the transportation of goods simple and stress-free.

How It Works:

  1. Insert one end of the webbing into the cam buckle clamp attached to the ratchet.
  2. Feed the other end into the spindle of the ratchet buckle.
  3. Tension the webbing until it’s snug and tight.
  4. Release the webbing from the clamp, then remove from the ratchet spindle.



  • Material: Crafted from durable carbon steel.
  • Webbing Width Compatibility: Up to 50mm
  • Buckle Weight: 1.288kg


Why One-Way Lashings? They provide a quick and cost-effective method for securing loads. Especially vital for large, regular shipments where the load restraint equipment isn’t returned. Say goodbye to the need for traditional ratchets and strap setups and hello to efficiency.