75mm, 10000kg Ratchet Buckle

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Meet our robust 75mm Ratchet Buckle, built for those ultra-heavy tasks. With it, securing hefty loads during road transport or shipping becomes a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Strength: 10,000kg (10 Tonne) breaking strength for maximum reliability.
  • Material: Durable Carbon Steel with a sturdy aluminium handle for lasting performance.
  • Design: Non-locking ratchet to easily handle vast weight.
  • Use: Perfect for restraining the heaviest of road or sea-bound cargo.
  • Base: Equipped with three 10mm holes, allowing you to bolt the ratchet to fixed structures for added stability.
  • Certification: Compliant with European Load Restraint Legislation Standard EN12195-2:2001. Lashing capacity (LC) of 5000daN, the part number RB75100WH, and our GTF stamp are all present for peace of mind.
  • Weight: At 3.2kg, it’s sturdy, ensuring top-notch performance.

When it comes to heavy-duty transport, count on this ratchet buckle for unmatched strength.