50mm, 5000kg Long Wide Handle Locking Ratchet Buckle

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Introducing our Long Wide Handle Locking Ratchet Buckle, perfect for those heavy-duty jobs requiring a tight and secure grip. It’s designed specially for 50mm webbing and ensures your lorry straps stay put during road transport.

Key Features:

  • Strength: Impressive 5000kg breaking strength.
  • Material: Robust Carbon Steel construction combined with an aluminium handle.
  • Design: Locking ratchet mechanism to ensure maximum security.
  • Use: Essential for restraining lorry straps in road transport scenarios.
  • Base: Features a 10mm hole, ideal for bolting to fixed structures.
  • Certification: Fully meets the European Load Restraint Legislation Standard EN12195-2:2001. You’ll find a lashing capacity (LC) of 2500daN stamped on the ratchet alongside the part number RB5050LOK and our trusted name, GTF.
  • Weight: Weighing in at 0.930kg, it’s solid without being cumbersome.

Choose strength and reliability for your transport needs.