5m, 4000kg Lifting Sling Duplex

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  • Please note this is a temporary photograph. The 4000kg range slings are grey in colour.
  • Lifting Sling Duplex.
  • 4,000kg safe working load (SWL).
  • 5 metres long.
  • Features a PVC laminated product label to protect it from the elements giving clarity of text and longevity in use.
  • Made from double thickness 100% high tenacity polyester webbing with reinforced becketted eyes as standard
  • All 4 Tonne slings are grey in colour. The lifting slings are colour coded based on their SWL.
  • The number of black lines woven into the webbing also denote its SWL (4 black lines for 4 Tonne).
  • Test certificate provided with each lifting sling.
  • All lifting slings sold by Liftlash comply with EN1492-1:2000 which incorporates a safety factor of 7:1.
  • Webbing provides a good alternative to lifting chains as they are more flexible, they are light weight and thus easier to manoeuvre in to position.
  • The lifting slings are easily placed around loads and also because the webbing is soft they cause minimal damage to the loads being lifted.