Manhole Pipe Lifting Pin – 32mm

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Discover the ease of subterranean work with our Manhole Pipe Lifting Pins (Milton Pins), specifically designed to ensure the safe, secure, accurate, and controlled placement of vertical pipes or chambers.

Our Milton Lifting Pins come in four sizes to suit a variety of standard pipe designs, with the 32mm diameter model being the most commonly used and readily available. We also offer 25mm, 35mm, and 38mm pins on special order, with a minimum order of 3 pins. All pin sizes are rated by lifting capacity and are most effectively used in 3 or 4 pin configurations for lifting pipe, precast tank, or box structures. They can also lift individual cast structures, provided these have an appropriately sized lifting hole and are used within the lift weight capacity of the pin.

The Manhole Lifting Pins are widely used across the construction industry, as well as by infrastructure, public utilities, and energy suppliers. Please note, these pins are not to be confused with Manhole Cover Lifting Pins which serve a completely different function.

Each of our Manhole Lifting Pins is assigned a unique serial number and comes with a signed Test Certificate of Conformity that meets current legislation including L.O.L.E.R. If necessary, arrangements can be made for Pin repairs and servicing as well as the establishment of a Lifting Gear Register as required under L.O.L.E.R. regulations.

Here’s how you use our Manhole Lifting Pins:

  1. Insert the Pin into the chamber sidewall hole, with the Pin eye down and the latch lying horizontally along the line of the shaft.
  2. Rotate through 180 degrees. The latch will drop down, locking the Pin into place.
  3. Attach one leg of a 2/3 or 4 leg sling to the Pin eye.
  4. To withdraw the Pin, reverse the procedure. Detach the sling leg, turn the Pin back through 180 degrees. The latch will fall automatically into line with the shaft. You can now withdraw the Pin.

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This easy-to-use mechanism allows ground workers to complete tasks without additional tools and fitments. However, when using these Pins in multiple configurations, ensure that slings are used within the correct sling angle range and that the right size/lift capacity of Pin is selected.

The Safe Working Load (SWL) for each Pin size is as follows:

  • 32mm Pin: 1000kg per Pin, allowing a 3 Pin lift of 3000kg for a maximum wall thickness of 150mm.
  • 25mm Pin: 750kg per Pin, for a maximum wall thickness of 120mm.
  • 35mm Pin: 1500kg per Pin, for a maximum wall thickness of 175mm.
  • 38mm Pin: 2000kg per Pin, for a maximum wall thickness of 225mm.

Please be cautious: shock loads can exceed twice the static load of a pipe. Always pay close attention to responsible lifting practices to avoid exceeding the SWL capacity and potentially causing failure.