Mounty Pole

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Introducing the Mounty Pole, a versatile tool designed to enhance safety and productivity during the loading and unloading process. This robust pole allows most loaders to reach impressive heights of up to 4.2m from ground level, eliminating the need for ladders or platforms and thus reducing the risk of falls from workplace vehicles.

Built with versatility in mind, the Mounty Pole can be easily adapted to suit a variety of tasks with its seven interchangeable attachments, all designed to aid in efficient cargo handling.

Key Features:

  • Reach: The Mounty Pole extends from 1.2m to 2.4m (4′-8′) facilitating access to high loads. A Short Mounty Pole 0.6m-1.2m (2′-4′) & Long Mounty Pole 1.8m-3.6m (6′-12′) are also available
  • Interchangeable Attachments: The Mounty Pole can be easily adapted to various tasks due to the removable and universally threaded adaptor designed to screw into all of the Mounty Range. The available attachments are:
  • Safety: With the Mounty Pole, there’s no need to climb onto the load, greatly reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Whether you are placing Edge Protectors using the Mounty Head or Mounty Head Major attachments, adjusting ratchet straps with the Mounty Fork, or throwing straps over loads using the Mounty Throw, the Mounty Pole enhances safety and efficiency in your cargo handling tasks. Its robust design and versatile application make it a valuable addition to your equipment roster.

For a quick and easy guide on how to use the Mounty Applicator, please refer to our Mounty Applicator – Quick How To Guide. With the Mounty Pole, we bring safety and convenience to your fingertips.

Mounty Applicator – Quick How To Guide