Mounty Head Major Attachment


£19.75 ex. VAT

  • The Mounty Head Major (M-HEAD-MR) is an attachment for the Mounty Pole.
  • Used to place CP800, CP1150 and CP2400LD edge protectors onto loads whilst standing on the ground.
  • Has a special webbing placement cut out at the top to assist an operator in placing 50mm webbing accurately onto the guide saddles moulded into corner protectors and to untangle straps.
  • Features a triangular hole in the back plate; used for pulling down hooks that are out of reach.
  • Eliminates the need to clamber onto vehicles, working platforms or ladders.
  • Removes the risk of falling from height and reduces the risk of slips or trips.
  • The Mounty Head attachment is compliant with HSE regulations and VOSA enforcement policy.
  • Reduces exposure to personal injury as well as product damage, thus, frequently reduces insurance premiums as a bonus.
  • Made from tough Nylon 6 material so it will not shatter should it fall down from height.
  • With a lightweight design and flexibility, the Mounty Head offers safety and use benefits over metal based equivalents.
  • The flexible fingers on the Mounty Applicator ensure accurate positioning of Corner Protectors onto high loads with confidence

Mounty Applicator – Quick How To Guide