Long Mounty Pole


£23.00 ex. VAT

  • The Long Mounty Pole (M-POLE-LONG) allows most loaders to reach heights of up to 5.4m from ground level.
  • Place Corner Protectors with the Mounty Head or Mounty Head Major attachments.
  • Place and retrieve, adjust and untangle ratchet straps with the Mounty Fork attachment.
  • Easily throw straps over loads using the Mounty Throw attachment.
  • With the Mounty Pole there is no need for platforms or ladders or any need to climb onto the load, thus avoiding falls from workplace vehicles.
  • The pole itself will extend from 1.8m to 3.6m (6′-12′).
  • Each Mounty Pole comes with a removable and universally threaded adaptor designed to screw into all of the Mounty Range.

The Mounty Pole currently has 7 different attachments that can easily be interchanged:

  • Mounty Head (M-HEAD) – To lift CP60 & CP60LD corner protectors to height.
  • Mounty Head Major (M-HEAD-MR) – To lift CP800, CP800LD, CP1150, CP2400LD corner protectors to height.
  • Mounty Throw (M-THROW) – To launch straps over a load.
  • Mounty Fork (M-FORK) – Used to place and retrieve, adjust webbing and slings on Hiabs
  • Mounty Hook (M-HOOK) – Used to place and retrieve, adjust and place ratchet straps
  • Mounty Boardmount (M-BOARDMOUNT) – Used to place, retrieve, adjust load protection boards
  • Mounty Broom (M-BROOM) – For use on a lorry bed, whilst standing on the ground

Mounty Applicator – Quick How To Guide