Traffic Cone

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Enhance the safety and visibility on roads and work zones with our Traffic Cone. This bright orange traffic cone is an essential tool for directing traffic, marking out areas, or highlighting hazards.

Product Details:

  • Features a reflective silver nylon strip that greatly improves visibility, even in low light conditions, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Equipped with a central hole to assist in handling and to allow secure stowage aboard a vehicle.
  • Designed for efficient storage, these traffic cones can be easily stacked, saving valuable space when not in use.
  • The vibrant orange colour adheres to DVSA requirements, effectively alerting individuals to oncoming hazards or restricted areas.
  • Fabricated from 100% thermoplastic, this cone is resilient, weather-resistant and built to endure rough handling and extreme weather conditions.
  • Height: 460mm and Weight: 2.04kg.
  • Meets British Standards EN13422 and has the code imprinted on them.

Ideal for use in various environments such as:

  • Road Works: Perfect for marking work zones or detour routes, and alerting drivers of road work ahead.
  • Traffic Control: Efficient in directing traffic during roadside emergencies or accidents.
  • Event Management: Ideal for marking parking areas, pedestrian paths or restricted areas at events.
  • Construction Sites: Helps to indicate hazardous zones and guide heavy vehicles.
  • Schools or Training Facilities: Useful for driving training courses or playground activities.

Our Traffic Cone is a cost-effective, practical solution to increase safety and visibility wherever you need it.