5m, 800kg, 25mm Ratchet Strap with S-Hook

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Experience a new level of control in load securing with our 5m, 800kg breaking strength Ratchet Strap with S-Hooks! Made with meticulous attention to detail in the UK, this strap provides you with an impressive strength and extended reach, making it perfect for more substantial securing tasks.

Product Details:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Ratchet strap with S-Hooks
  • 25mm wide
  • 800kg breaking strength
  • 5 metres long (Also available in 3 metres and 7 metres)
  • Fixed end of 0.2m
  • Plastic (PVC) coated S-Hook made from carbon steel
  • Manufactured from high quality polyester webbing
  • 400daN lashing capacity
  • Carbon steel ratchet buckle with a pressed steel handle
  • Blue webbing colour
  • Complies with European Standard EN12195-2
  • Used to secure lighter loads


Our 5m Ratchet Strap with S-Hooks is a versatile solution for various professional and personal environments, especially those requiring a higher tension and larger reach:

  1. Transportation and Logistics: Excellent for securing larger cargo requiring maximum tension and control.
  2. Construction Sites: Ideal for tasks that require securing larger construction materials and equipment with high stability.
  3. Moving and Storage: Offers an optimal solution for securing larger items or a larger number of items during a move or in storage.
  4. Outdoor Adventures: Perfect for securing more substantial outdoor gear such as kayaks or multiple bikes.
  5. Home and DIY Projects: The ratchet feature and the longer length provide greater control and reach for home renovations or DIY projects.