3m, 2000kg, 50mm Ratchet Strap with Wire Claw Hook

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Key Features:

  • Origin: Manufactured in the UK.
  • Type: Ratchet strap paired with a wire claw hook.
  • Width: 50mm.
  • Strength: 2000kg breaking force.
  • Length: 3 metres with a fixed end of 0.2m.
  • Material: Premium polyester webbing in red.
  • Lashing Capacity: 1000daN.
  • Buckle: Carbon steel ratchet buckle complemented by a durable steel handle.
  • Hooks: Boron alloy steel wire claw hooks for enhanced strength.
  • Standards: Aligns with European Standard EN12195-2.

A go-to solution for securing everyday cargo efficiently.