50mm, 5000kg Long Wide Handle Ergonomic Ratchet Buckle

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  • Long wide handle ergonomic design
  • 5,000kg breaking strength (BS)
  • Designed for 50mm webbing
  • The ergonomic ratchet is tensioned by pulling the handle downwards rather than pushing upwards as on standard designed ratchet buckles.
  • With the extended handle and the ergonomic design less force is needed to apply the tension thus putting less stress on your back.
  • This is a locking ratchet
  • Made from Carbon Steel, with a plastic handle
  • Has a 10mm hole in the base to allow the ratchet to be bolted to permanent structures
  • This ratchet buckle is a standard ratchet used for restraining lorry straps in road transport
  • The ratchet meets the requirements of the European Load Restraint Legislation Standard EN12195-2:2001 which requires the buckle to have a lashing capacity (LC) of 25kN (2500kg) stamped on the ratchet together with the suppliers name GTF and part number RB5050LH-ERG for full traceability. The breaking strength (BS) of 5000Kg is also shown to indicate the maximum load that can be applied to the buckle before failure.
  • Weight: 1.44kg