50mm, 600kg Knurl Bar Buckle

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Dive into the world of strong and dependable buckling with our Knurl Bar Buckle, also known as the Roll Pin Buckle. Crafted for 50mm webbing, it’s a step up from the usual.

Key Features:

  • Strength: Offers a solid 600kg breaking strength.
  • Material: Frame and knurl are crafted from durable Boron Alloy Steel, while the clip is from CRC sheet metal.
  • Design: Boasts a knurled metal slider complemented by a metal webbing tab.
  • Use: Ideal for crafting roll pin webbing belts and cargo restraint straps.
  • Advantage: It’s a clear winner over plastic quick-release buckles in strength and reliability.
  • Weight: A manageable 0.129kg, striking a balance between heft and function.

For those in search of strength and style, this buckle is a top choice.