50mm, 5000kg Large Wire Snap Claw Hook

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Upgrade your lashing gear with our Large Wire Snap Claw Hook, specifically tailored for 50mm webbing. Featuring an intuitive spring-loaded safety catch, once locked in place, it ensures optimal security, reducing risks and setting a new standard for load safety.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Security: The spring-loaded safety catch stays engaged, offering superior security compared to regular hooks.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with robust boron alloy steel, this hook promises longevity and durability.
  • Impressive Load Capacity: Boasts a formidable 5,000kg breaking strength, ensuring your cargo remains steadfast during transit.
  • Specifications:
    • Length: 138mm
    • Fit: Crafted to accommodate a 32mm bar diameter comfortably.
    • Weight: Stands at a sturdy weight of 0.640kg.
  • Safety Assured: Fully compliant with the European Load Standard EN12195-2:2001, your cargo’s safety is our priority.
  • Traceable & Transparent: Each hook is marked with its 2,500daN lashing capacity, the unique part number WH5050SNAP-15, and batch number, ensuring full product traceability.

Equip your toolkit with our Large Wire Snap Claw Hook and experience a new standard in cargo securing.