35mm, 3000kg Single Pronged Wire Claw Hook with Tube

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Discover our Single Pronged Wire Claw Hook, designed specifically for 35mm webbing. It’s tailored to provide a secure hold for your cargo, ensuring that transportation is smooth and free from disruptions.

Key Highlights:

  • Webbing Compatibility: Crafted especially for 35mm webbing, ensuring optimal hold and security.
  • Strength Parameters: Comes with a breaking strength of 3,000kg and a lashing capacity of 1,500daN, ensuring a robust and secure hold.
  • Integrated Design: Equipped with a weld tube allowing direct bolting onto 35mm ratchet buckles, offering enhanced stability.
  • Dimensional Details: The hook measures 121mm in length and is designed to fit comfortably onto a 16mm bar.
  • Sturdy Build: Fabricated using superior boron alloy steel, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Standard Compliance: Meets the stringent requirements of the European Load Standard EN12195-2:2001, ensuring its quality and reliability.


  • Webbing Size: 35mm
  • Weight: 0.271kg
  • Part Number: WH3530SIN+T

Choose our Single Pronged Wire Claw Hook for an unmatched combination of strength, reliability, and durability, ensuring that your cargo is always safely secured.