40mm, 5000kg One Way Buckle Wire Formed

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Secure Loads in One Go

Introducing our 40mm One Way Buckle, crafted from wire and ideal for those one-time shipments.

Product Highlights:

  • Solid Strength: With a breaking strength of 5,000kg, this buckle isn’t messing around. But in an endless configuration, it can handle a whopping 10,000kg.
  • Ideal for One-Trips: If you’re shipping goods and don’t expect the strapping to return, this buckle is your match. It’s perfect for one trip straps.
  • Easy to Tension: Get the right grip every time using our RB5050NS tensioner.


  • Max Weight (standard): 5,000kg
  • Max Weight (endless configuration): 10,000kg
  • Buckle Type: One Way, Wire Formed
  • Suitable for: 40mm webbing
  • Weight: 0.380kg

Simplicity Meets Strength: Whether you’re transporting goods across the country or across the globe, this buckle ensures they stay put without any plans for a return trip.