7m, 400kg, 25mm Cam Buckle Strap with Wire Claw Hooks

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Meet our longest securing solution: the 7m, 400kg breaking strength Cam Buckle Strap with Wire Claw Hooks! Expertly crafted in the UK, this strap provides an unprecedented reach and flexibility, accommodating even your most demanding load securing needs.

Product Details:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Cam buckle strap with wire claw hooks
  • 25mm wide (1 inch)
  • 400kg breaking strength
  • 7 metres long (Also available in 3 metres and 5 metres)
  • 0.2m fixed end length
  • Manufactured from high quality polyester webbing
  • Chamfered adjustable end for easier fit into cam buckle
  • 200daN lashing capacity
  • Carbon Steel 25mm Wire Hook end fittings.
  • Die cast zinc cam buckle
  • Yellow webbing colour
  • Complies with European Standard EN12195-2
  • Used to secure lighter loads


The 7m Cam Buckle Strap with Wire Claw Hooks shines in a variety of settings, both professional and personal. Its extended length and wire claw hooks make it an invaluable tool for substantial tasks:

  1. Transportation and Logistics: The 7m strap is excellent for securing exceptionally large or irregular cargo where hook attachment points are needed. Perfect for transportation of large machinery or oversized freight.
  2. Construction Sites: For the largest securing tasks on the construction site, this strap provides the length and flexibility to handle it all, from extensive machinery to lengthy building materials.
  3. Moving and Storage: Great for securing big appliances or bulky furniture during a move, or for strapping down multiple items together in storage facilities.
  4. Outdoor Adventures: Planning to transport multiple kayaks or large camping equipment? The 7m strap is ready for the task, providing the length you need to secure it all.
  5. Home and DIY Projects: For the most ambitious home projects or renovations, this strap can secure even the largest of materials or bundle together numerous items for ease and safety.