50mm, 5000kg Medium Wire Snap Claw Hook

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Introducing our Medium Wire Snap Claw Hook, meticulously crafted for 50mm webbing. This hook symbolizes reliability and functionality, ensuring that your cargo is held securely in place during transit.

Key Features:

  • Superior Safety Mechanism: Our hook boasts a spring-loaded safety catch, which, once secured, offers an unwavering lock, standing tall against conventional hooks.
  • Impressive Durability: Built from high-calibre boron alloy steel, this hook is destined to withstand the toughest of tasks, with a 5,000kg breaking strength
  • Specifications:
    • Length: 113mm
    • Fit: Perfectly contoured to attach onto a 24mm bar.
    • Weight: A solid 0.407kg, representing its robust nature.
  • Trust in Standards: Fully compliant with the European Load Standard EN12195-2:2001, ensuring you’re using a product that meets rigorous safety benchmarks.
  • Traceability at Your Fingertips: Every hook comes stamped with its 2,500daN lashing capacity, the unique identifier WH5050SNAP-12, and its batch number, ensuring you’re always informed about your product’s origins and specifications.

Step up your lashing game with the confidence and reliability that our 50mm Medium Wire Snap Claw Hook promises with every use.