50mm, 3000kg Stainless Steel Locking Ratchet Buckle

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Strength and Reliability in Every Lock

Introducing the RB5030LOKSS, a robust ratchet buckle made for 50mm webbing. Designed to ensure maximum security and longevity, this buckle’s locking feature ensures cargo remains firmly in place during transit.

Features and Details:

  • Material: Crafted with premium 316 Stainless Steel, known for its rust-resistance and durability.
  • Handle: A long, wide stainless steel handle ensures ease of use.
  • Design: Comes with a 10mm hole at the base, complemented by a nut, bolt, and spacer.
  • Lashing Capacity: Clearly stamped with 1500daN, as mandated by the European Load Restraint Legislation Standard EN12195-2:2001.
  • Breaking Strength (BS): A commendable 3000kg, indicating the buckle’s resilience against maximum load before any potential failure.
  • Traceability: Detailed with part number RB5030LOKSS and supplier name for easy identification.
  • Weight: A solid 1.255kg.

For all your cargo needs, trust in the strength and security of our stainless steel locking ratchet buckle.