3m, 400kg, 25mm Cam Buckle Strap with S-Hooks

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Secure your loads with ease using our 3m, 400kg breaking strength Cam Buckle Strap with S-Hooks! Made with precision in the UK, this strap brings together the strength and dependability you need, with the added functionality of S-Hooks for a range of securing tasks.

Product Details:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Cam buckle strap with S-Hooks
  • 25mm wide (1 inch)
  • 400kg breaking strength
  • 3 metres long (Also available in 5 metres and 7 metres)
  • 0.2m fixed end length
  • Manufactured from high quality polyester webbing
  • Chamfered adjustable end for easier fit into cam buckle
  • 200daN lashing capacity
  • Carbon Steel 25mm Wire Hook end fittings.
  • Die cast zinc cam buckle
  • Red webbing colour
  • Complies with European Standard EN12195-2
  • Used to secure lighter loads


The 3m Cam Buckle Strap with S-Hooks is suited to a variety of professional and personal scenarios. Its design with S-Hooks adds an extra level of convenience:

  1. Transportation and Logistics: Great for securing cargo where quick and easy attachment and removal is required.
  2. Construction Sites: The S-Hooks make securing construction materials, equipment, or debris faster and more efficient.
  3. Moving and Storage: Provides a reliable solution for keeping items secure during a move or in storage, particularly when time is of the essence.
  4. Outdoor Adventures: Perfect for camping trips, biking, or other outdoor adventures where gear needs to be secured quickly and easily.
  5. Home and DIY Projects: The S-Hooks are a boon for home renovations or DIY projects that require rapid securing of materials.