25mm, 400kg Cam Buckle

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Key Features:

  • Strength: Has a breaking strength of 400kg.
  • Webbing Compatibility: Designed specifically for 25mm webbing.
  • Lashing Capacity: Offers a 200daN lashing strength.
  • Material Composition:
    • Buckle: Comprised of a zinc alloy.
    • Spring: Made from 1080 Carbon Steel.
  • Finish: Enriched with a zinc brightener, giving the buckle a lustrous appearance.
  • Functionality: Cam Buckles are tailored for simple and straightforward cargo securing, offering ease in adjustment and use.
  • Design Features: Its knurled edge on the release mechanism ensures the webbing stays securely in place.
  • Safety: Designed to prevent cargo damage by allowing tensioning only up to hand-tight levels.
  • Certification: Conforms to European Load Standard EN12195-2:2001. For authenticity and traceability, the buckle is stamped with a 200daN lashing capacity, the supplier’s mark (GTF®), and its part number (CB2504).
  • Weight: A lightweight option at just 0.060kg.

This buckle is a blend of durability and ease, ensuring that cargos are kept safe during their journey.