25mm, 1000kg Anchor Plate

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Crafted for 25mm webbing, this cranked anchor plate ensures a sturdy connection with its robust 1,000kg breaking strength. Whether you’re anchoring to walls or floors, it’s your go-to solution for lasting attachment.


  • Strong Material: Made of 4mm thick carbon steel, ensuring durability and resistance.
  • Compatibility: Specially designed for 25mm webbing.
  • Secure Connection: Features a 15mm diameter bolt hole for straightforward anchoring.
  • Regulatory Compliance: This plate aligns with the European Load Standard EN12195-2:2001. To assure you of its quality and authenticity, it’s stamped with a lashing capacity (LC) of 500daN, the unique part number AP2510, and our trusted supplier’s name, GTF.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs a mere 0.044kg, making it easy to handle.

Choose reliability and strength, all in one anchor plate.